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Transfer Case Season 2022

Transfer Case Season 2022




Transfer Case Season 2022

Transfer case season is upon us. As the leaves fall and temperatures drop it’s a clear sign that driving conditions are about to worsen. This is the time of year we rely on our drivetrain more and unit failures tend to go up. This is especially evident around that first snowfall of the season. Zumbrota Drivetrain is ready for the season with many popular tried-and-proven remanufactured transfer cases ready and in stock for purchase.


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Transfer Case Breaking Points


Sometimes the transfer case will fail when you push the button or it just won’t work at all but it can be hard to tell when things went sideways. Zumbrota’s Sales Manager Josh Linnell says, “most of the time the damage has been done well before you hear anything. Some failures are just a worn part, some are more catastrophic; the result is the same. Transfer cases have a lot of metal-on-metal contact, factor in that most cars and trucks are going to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles nowadays and something as to give. Chains, clutches and/or viscous couplers are some of the common failure prone parts. And I must say, we see a lot that can be prevented by keeping the vehicle maintained.”


As with any mechanical system proper maintenance is paramount. “Most units only hold about two quarts of fluid,” quips Linnell. “So, in the environment inside the case there’s a lot being asked of the fluid. On top of that, the transfer case is often overlooked when it comes to checking the fluid level and condition during a routine tune-up so the deck can be stacked against the transfer case.”


Linnell indicated that there’s another reason for transfer case problems that might not be apparent at first look. “The other is all four tires having the same diameter, not just all the same size on the side of the tire but the actual diameter of the tire. A difference here causes a load imbalance inside the unit and pre-mature wear.”


In-Depth Inspection Protocols


Zumbrota has been on the leading edge of gearbox remanufacturing since 1989; they have seen it all. Their process starts with superior inspection techniques. Quality inspections are conducted three times during the remanufacturing process. A pre-inspection ensures the unit is free of case cracks and stripped threads, identifies excessive wear, and catches OEM-related problems that many cores have. The second inspection is conducted during the remanufacturing process to ensure all component parts meet OEM specifications. Items under consideration include, shaft straightness, gear wear, and chain stretch. Then a final post-build inspection is done to ensure the transfer case has been built to strict Zumbrota standards.


Unrivaled Proprietary Cleaning


Zumbrota’s exclusive Hydro Blast rinse and media-blasting techniques are used on internal and external parts. These initial processes are followed up by a proprietary shot-enhanced deep cleaning that gives the transfer case a like-new look. In fact, many customers call and ask if they’ve been shipped a new unit by mistake. 


From The Hands Of Craftsman


After the initial case inspection, Zumbrota technicians determine which parts have failed or worn and which ones can be reused. Viscous couplers, bearings, and all seals are always replaced. Any common wear items are also replaced. As part of the final inspection, each unit is spun tested to confirm proper shifting and to make sure the transfer case runs smooth and quiet. Each unit is shipped in a high-density plastic tote to help eliminate in-transit damage and make core return an easy remove-and-replace proposition for the customer, be it a shop technician or a DIYer working in his home garage.


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When your transfer case fails getting back on the road is critically important. When you buy a Zumbrota transfer case, you’re investing in the confidence, satisfaction, and peace of mind that comes from a company that has been helping people since 1989.


Blown Your Diff?

Blown out rear end gears are another sign of the times in the dark and challenging winter months. Yukon Gear & Axle’s ready-built dropouts help speed the replacement process. Whether you need to get back on the road or if you’re swapping to more aggressive gears Yukon Dropout Assemblies turn the tedious diff rebuild project into a straightforward remove-and-replace operation. Even better, you can elect to increase your vehicle’s grip by adding a traction adder like a Yukon Dura Grip LSD, Grizzly Locker, Zip Locker, or a spool. These units are pre-assembled, no oily gear wrestling, no setting backlash and preload, no deciphering gear patterns in yellow chalk.


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