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Transfer Case Season 2022

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Oct 11, 2022

Transfer case season is upon us. As the leaves fall and temperatures drop it’s a clear sign that driving conditions are about to worsen. This is the time of year we rely on our drivetrain more and unit failures tend to go up. This is especially evident around that first snowfall of the season. Zumbrota Drivetrain is ready for the season with many popular tried-and-proven remanufactured...

4 Reasons The Ford 9-Inch Is The Ultimate Performance Differential

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jan 17, 2023

The iconic Ford 9-inch has been the go-to diff for hot-rodders since day one. The brilliance of the unit is its ability to hold power, its quickness in changing gears, its vast range of available gear ratios, and the ease in which it can be setup.   Shop our Ford 9-inch differential products here.   The Ford 9-inch was produced from 1957 to 1986 and came standard in a...

Troubleshooting The NV5600 Transmission

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jan 17, 2023

The New Venture Gear 5600 series six-speed manual transmission is a great gearbox with a lot on its plate, namely the 5.9-liter Cummins inline six-cylinder turbo diesel. With all that torque to deal with there were a few teething problems in its early years.   Some NV5600 units, produced from 1998 midway thru 2000, are known to have synchronizer problems and a weak input shaft. In...

Jeep Wrangler Transmission Spotter’s Guide

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jan 17, 2023

AX-15 – 5-Speed Manual Jeep Wrangler: 1988.5 - 1999 with 4.0-liter Inline 6   Factoids: Replaced weak Peugeot BA10 gearbox  Related to Toyota Supra Turbo R154 manual Best 5-speed ever installed in a Wrangler   Spotting Tips: All-aluminum case & mid-plate, generous ribbing Only mounts to a six-cylinder engine 10 spline input...

Sounds Of Death: A Failing Differential Story

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jan 17, 2023

Breaking a differential can be a sudden, horrific event. If you’ve haunted the drag strip you’ve undoubtedly seen the loud, fully cammed hot rod drop the clutch then drop a load of gears and metal on the track. Out on the trail, a struggling rig finally hooks up and the sudden torque is too much for the diff, grenading the unit to its ultimate demise. Read this article in Español A...