Now more than ever, it seems people are looking for some piece of nostalgia that reminds them of the best times of their youth. Quite often, those memories involve a car or truck, and some of the most vivid of those memories include a high performance speed machine labeled "The Muscle Car." It’s something most guys dreamed of but only a few could actually own – until now.

As those car enthusiasts from the late 1970s and 1980s find their way into middle-age and beyond, there is a resurgence of folks wanting to take some of these old cars from their younger years and bring them back to life. Cars with names like GTO, Charger, Chevy Super Sport, Camaro, and Firebird were the backbone of the resurgence of the Muscle Car after the oil crisis and stringent fuel economy regulations of the 70s. Now these classics, when they can be found, are being brought back to their former glory. That is evidenced by the increase in popularity of car shows and cruzin’ nights during the summer throughout America.

Giving these classics a second chance to cruise Main Street America and burn a little rubber from time to time is the result of a labor of love. True car lovers devote hundreds, if not thousands of hours rebuilding these cars. What may look like a rusted hulk or a mechanical nightmare to one person is a diamond in the rough to someone with the vision or passion to see one of these muscle machines running again.

Besides the challenge of restoring the body, paint, and interior that gave these cars their pretty face, finding the drive train parts that truly breathe the fire and power into these monsters can present a huge challenge. After years of wear and tear, that may mean replacing or rebuilding the transmission, or modifying the differential to gain that little bit of extra torque.

Fortunately, there is a company that my be able to supply the rebuilt transmission or gears and bearings you need to make your own modifications. Zumbrota Bearing and Gear has been supplying mechanics and car and truck enthusiasts with rebuilt and remanufactured manual transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases for years. When it comes to a classic, we can provide parts as far back as 1955.

When you’re restoring that classic in your garage, contact Zumbrota Bearing and Gear. We can supply the parts. You supply the memories.