Adam Shuster and Lorry Kispert are making preparations to travel to Las Vegas to exhibit ZBAG products at AAPEX Nov. 4 to 6. AAPEX is short for Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, a worldwide showcase for the industry held annually to bring together producers and consumers of all varieties of aftermarket products.

Adam and Lorry plan to display a rebuilt transmission, a front differential, and a transfer case as well as the individual components, such as chains, sprockets, a ring and pinion, an input shaft, a main shaft, and rebuild kits. "The equipment has to be crated and shipped a month in advance," Adam said.

This year will be Lorry’s first time at AAPEX, and he is excited.  “It is a very large show with a huge amount of visitors,” he noted. “I expect to talk to a lot of people about our company and what we do.”

Adam has attended the expo, but this is the first time as an exhibitor. He is looking forward to meeting current customers, as well as growing the business with new customers.  “We have some customers we know are coming and we plan to meet with some of them,” he said.

The AAPEX event brings together over 5,000 exhibitors from all over the world, and information on the latest research and trends will be available to visitors. Established brands and new start-ups will receive exposure. Leading producers of remanufactured auto parts of all kinds, from manual transmission parts to diagnostic tools and functional fluids will have their wares on display.

We hope to see you there!