SVL GearAs ZBAG’s differential gear business grows, we search for high quality parts to add to our product line, both for our differential rebuilding process and for resale. We recently added the SVL light duty series of ring and pinions.

Produced by Dana in one of their several worldwide facilities, these gears deliver performance as well as value, filling the spot between the often expensive OE gear and inexpensive non-branded aftermarket gear.

The manufacturing processes for SVL gearing make all the difference, beginning with a computer-generated gear summary, which provides the necessary tooth proportions to help deliver reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

The next step is creating the dies to forge the gear blanks. This forging process enables optimal grain flow within the material, resulting in a stronger gear. The gear blanks, forged from alloy steel heated to 2100°, make it possible to shape the steel without reaching its melting point.

Once the preliminary shape of the gear is formed, it goes through a process known as “normalizing.” The gear is reheated to 1700° and slowly cooled to achieve maximum hardness.

Cutting the gear teeth accurately results in precision meshing of the gears, a critical step to cut down on the noise, vibration and harshness that can not only lead to a rough ride, but also contribute to premature failure of the part. SVL gears are meticulously cut to standards that ensure the level of accuracy that meets the needs of the aftermarket.

In the final steps, the ring gear is mated to the pinion through the process of gear lapping. Using a computer controlled lapping machine, the ring and pinion are run together to provide a perfect meshing. A silicon carbide abrasive is run over the gearing surfaces for a micro-fine finish. Before lapping, SVL gearing undergoes precision grinding to ensure tight tolerances for the bearing diameters and tight connectivity and cylindricity among the individual components.

The resulting ring and pinion gearing delivers performance meeting standards set by Dana, one of the world’s most trusted suppliers. The gearing is dependable enough to be backed by a six-month or 50,000-mile warranty while still providing excellent value.

These gears, when added to our other differential gearing suppliers, Dana OE, American Axle, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Ford Motorsport, as well as other quality aftermarket gears, give ZBAG a solid mix of suppliers to fill your every differential gear need.