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New From ICON Alloys - Available Now!

New From ICON Alloys - Available Now!

A New Era in Wheel Technology | Proudly Introducing

RECON PRO featuring InnerLock™ Technology and HALO Wheel Armor


The ultimate wheel for any 4X4 truck, Jeep, Bronco or SUV, Recon PRO features InnerLock™ D.O.T.-compliant bead-retention technology, replaceable HALO Wheel Armor and aggressive 16-spoke styling. Recon PRO is initially available in 17 X 8.5" size for popular 5-, 6- and 8-lug applications. Available wheel finishes are Charcoal and Satin Black, and come with preinstalled HALO Wheel Armor in Satin Black, with the option to order replacement armor sets in Satin Black or Raw Aluminum.




ICON Technologies:



InnerLock™ is ICON's patented, D.O.T. Compliant bead retention system, making these wheels legal on the street and a beast off-road.

InnerLock™ Technology uses a series of high strength alloy bead retention pins inserted through a thickened section of the wheel to act as a fence to physically prevent the tire bead from being pushed away from the wheel's inner lip. This simple but ingenious solution is patented, lab-tested, and has been trail-proven on the toughest terrain from coast to coast.



FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) No.139 Tire Bead Unseat Resistance Test (modified to 10 psi). Results from multiple tests validated the effectiveness of ICON’s InnerLock technology by exceeding the mechanical limits of the machine (over 7600lbs load) without ever de-beading the tire.



The all-new HALO Wheel Armor system is intelligently designed with segmented quarters, allowing for convenient and cost-effective replacement of individual segments if they incur damage, such as from rock rash. This unique feature eliminates the need to replace the entire set, providing flexibility and efficiency in maintenance. Moreover, the replacement process is seamless, as HALO segments can be installed or replaced without the necessity of dismounting the tire from the wheel. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, these segments are initially presented in a sleek satin black finish that comes preinstalled on the Recon Pro. However, for those seeking a personalized touch, HALO is also offered in Raw Aluminum as a separate part that can be easily customized through painting or specialized coating in any color, offering a truly unique aesthetic.



HALO Wheel Armor shown with custom CERAKOTE finish/color combo. Custom colors are at the responsibility of the user.




Here's an informative video showcasing the unique features and benefits of Recon PRO with the InnerLock™ Technology and HALO Wheel Armor features. Please use it to further familiarize yourself with the product, and share it with your customers and social media followers. It's also a great resource to embed on your own website to help explain Recon PRO to your customers.




17 X 8.5" | 5-Lug, 6-Lug, 8-Lug


Features and Benefits:

  • Engineered for D.O.T-Compliance
  • Patented InnerLock technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,090,976) provides the ultimate blend of on-road safety and off-road performance, ideal for the “weekend warrior”
  • Bead-retention system features alloy pins that are removable, reusable, and replaceable
  • Hardened bead retention pins utilize a SAE J1926 O-ring seal and are constructed from high-strength alloy that is thermochemically treated for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Quick, easy, and safe tire installation and removal
  • HALO Wheel Armor system constructed of high-grade aluminum with 4 individually replaceable segments
  • Aggressive 16-spoke concave styling
  • InnerLock & HALO bolt heads are located inside the barrel of the wheel, protected from rock damage
  • Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance
  • Reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass (compared to a traditional bead lock) improves handling characteristics and vehicle dynamics
  • Aluminum alloy construction and 3,200 lbs load rating (4,000 lbs on 8-lug version) provide strength properties that are well suited for off-road use
  • Charcoal or Satin Black powder coat finish