Zumbrota Bearing and Gear provides remanufactured transfer cases for a variety of vehicles.

The transfer case can be called the unsung hero of four wheel drive (4WD) and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. Drivers generally don’t spend a lot of time obsessing about the transfer case that channels power between the front and rear axles, thereby allowing a vehicle to chug through difficult terrain or haul heavy loads. Rather, most drivers just trust that their 4WD or AWD vehicle will adjust itself automatically or manually, when conditions require.

And then the day arrives when a driver is pulling a trailer full of, say, cattle, through a terrain that’s similar to, say, the moon..and the transfer case gives out. Then, all of a sudden, the transfer case magically becomes the single most important component on a 4WD or AWD vehicle.

Generally, transfer case maintenance is a pretty straightforward affair, requiring periodic service involving draining and replacing the transfer case fluid. For the most part, such routine maintenance can extend the life of a transfer case considerably.

However, when it comes to 4WD and AWD vehicles that are consistently driven through harsh environments and/or called upon to perform heavy hauling, the transfer case can become overtaxed to the point of failure. Even the most rigidly maintained and serviced transfer cases will eventually wear out with excessive and sustained overuse.

For heavily used 4WD and AWD vehicles, transfer case quality and an extensive warranty agreement are both incredibly important. After all, if a 4WD or AWD vehicle is being used for difficult conditions and workloads, it’s only a matter of time before the transfer case will need to be replaced. Choosing a top quality transfer case will push that lifetime considerably further out, while an extensive warranty will ensure a rapid and relatively inexpensive replacement.

Zumbrota Bearing and Gear (ZBAG) offers an extensive variety of transfer cases—both new and remanufactured—all of which are of the highest quality and are covered by some of the best warranties available on the market. ZBAG also carries many other components to keep manual transmission vehicles running smooth, or to bring older manual transmission vehicles back to life.

While ZBAG is headquartered in Zumbrota, MN, we supply quality automotive components nationwide, catering to vehicle enthusiasts and professionals who rebuild and/or repair everything from cherished automobiles to heavy duty equipment.

Don’t get caught in the field with a trailer full of cattle and a transfer case that finally gave out on you. If it's time for a highly dependable replacement transfer case with an outstanding warranty, give ZBAG a call today!