kennys-pulling-parts            Kenny’s Pulling Parts and Machine in Waynesburg, KY, a frequent customer of ZBAG, is a business with a far-reaching reputation. They supply custom engine and drivetrain parts to tractor and truck pullers all over the United States, and ship to some in Canada.

Typical customers of Kenny’s are looking for things like clutch assemblies and rear end parts for open drivetrain components to be used in tractors and 3.0 or 3.6 diesel trucks. According to Dustin, the company spokesman, all the products they sell are built in their shop in Waynesburg by four employees. They build axles, spools, and complete rear ends for the competitive pullers, and will do custom design work as needed.

When the business started about 14 years ago, most of their customers were tractor pullers, Dustin said, but in the last five or six years, the diesel truck stuff has really taken off.  “We’re pretty much a manufacturer of high performance drivetrain components, and do a lot of clutch assemblies and flywheels. That’s what got us started,” he explained. “Most of the stuff we do is shipped out,” he added. “We do more business out of the state than in the state.”

They are currently getting parts together to take to a big indoor pulling event at Gordyville, located in Gifford, IL, in January.  The guys at Kenny’s are also working on a competition diesel truck. “We’re building it to use for advertising,” Dustin explained, “and we’re using our parts in it to see how they work and how we can improve them.” The body is a ’78 Super Cab Ford, and they’re building it to run in the 3.0 diesel class. “I used to have tractors that I pulled,” Dustin remarked, “but this is my first pulling truck.”