Every make of automobile has its unwavering adherents. A dedicated Chevy person will always be a dedicated to Chevy, and a dedicated Ford person will always be a dedicated to Ford.

And Jeep people will always be dedicated to Jeep, but they're in a class of their own due to Jeep's unique history starting out as a military workhorse and reconnaissance vehicle specifically designed for the rigors of World War II.

Driving a Jeep is driving a piece of American history, and many Jeep owners don't give up on their precious vehicles easily. When a Jeep transmission gives out, those Jeep owners are quickly on the lookout for a quality replacement transmission.

While there are Jeeps today that are made more for comfort than utility, many Jeeps still adhere to their tough military roots. Equipped with the power required and a rugged manual transmission, they're able to navigate even the most unfriendly terrain the earth can throw at them.

Taking a Jeep off road is one of the primary reasons Jeep enthusiasts remain Jeep enthusiasts. The ability to point to the distant horizon and say “I'm going over there,” and then go “over there,” regardless of the terrain, is one of the quintessential images conjured by the very name “Jeep.”

As wonderful as off-road riding in a Jeep can be, it can and does take a toll on the transmission, and Jeep drivers often take off-road driving to the extreme. Thus the reason and need to find a quality manual transmission to replace the battered transmission they literally drove into the ground.

Finding quality Jeep manual transmissions for sale isn't necessarily easy. For Jeep owners who want to keep their beloved Jeep in off-road riding condition for years to come, finding high quality manual transmissions for sale can be almost a sort of quest.

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