The Jeep NSG370, a six-speed manual transmission, is a unit frequently rebuilt and sold by ZBAG. This transmission was introduced in 2004 during the era of Chrysler’s association with Daimler.

The NSG370 was first installed in the Dodge Crossfire, which shares the platform with the Mercedes Benz SLK320. This manual transmission was the first six-speed to be used in a Jeep, and was used in the Liberty and the Wrangler for several years, beginning in 2005 ending in 2010 in the Wrangler

The NSG370 is built with a cast aluminum case and substantial ribbing. The three transmission bell housing configurations mate the transmission to the 2.4 I4, 3.7L V6 or 4.0L I6 version.  This unit is equipped with a top shifter and contains a longitudinally loaded transmission with fully synchronized gears. The six speeds include a fifth gear that is direct drive and a sixth gear with overdrive. An integral throw out sleeve is located on the front bearing retainer for a conventional throw out bearing.

This manual transmission’s input torque capacity is 272 ft. lbs. according to the manufacturer, and output torque limits are 1100 to 1300 ft. lbs., making it a good fit for pairing with the NP231 and NP241 transfer cases, which the unit is commonly used with. The Jeep/Dodge six-bolt transfer case mounting design that is used is compatible with many other New Process/New Venture transfer cases. If you are looking to convert to a 6-speed manual transmission, kits are readily available from other manufactures for use with Chevy and GM Gen. III, and small block V6 and V8 engines and conversions can be easily done. Caution: Only the transmissions used with the 3.7 V/6 and the 4.0L I6 having the ten spline 1 1/8” diameter input have conversion kits available.