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Introducing The Yukon Bench Buddy

Introducing The Yukon Bench Buddy

Don’t play tug of war with your differential during a rebuild, secure it with a Yukon Bench Buddy. The Yukon Bench Buddy brings a new level of control to the differential disassembly and assembly processes. Designed for dropout style diffs, the Bench Buddy secures to your workbench and positions the dropout for easy access. It has three position-adjustment holes that change the angle of the unit and a 180-degree rotational capability that allows the user to get the perfect access to the diff’s internals and improved leverage on its bolts and fasteners. The use of an industrial-grade, push-button quick-release pins adds more speed and convenience to the equation. The Yukon Bench Buddy is a great tool that will save time and result in more accurate builds for profession installers and DIY garage rats alike.


Bench Buddy Benefits

  • Secures third member for easy access
  • Three-position design provides total access to third member
  • Rotates 180 degrees to speed assembly
  • Improves access to and leverage over key internal components
  • Stout industrial-grade, push-button quick-release pin saves time


Bench Buddy Features

  • Rigid steel construction
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Unit weighs 19 pounds
  • Made in USA

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