Rock Hard Ram            The Haisley family, Van, Patty and Curt, are passionate about their business, Haisley Machine. Their focus is on all things related to Cummins diesel trucks and their components with emphasis on their customers’ needs for engine and driveline components for competition trucks.

Van Haisley and son Curt drive Ram competition trucks in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and in the National Truck Pulling Association (NTPA). They got acquainted with Mark Mangan at NTPA events, and became loyal customers of ZBAG.

“We use ZBAG components to modify drivelines for our customers,” Patty Haisley explains. In competition, drivers can increase their engine power to as high as 1300 HP in the 2.6 class, 1800 HP in the pro stock class and over 3000 HP in the super stock class. “That’s why you have the beefed up, modified driveline,” Patty explained. The drivetrains that come from the factory would disintegrate in seconds connected to that much horsepower.

“At Haisley Machine, we also build engines, or complete trucks for our customers,” Patty remarked. Right now, she said, they probably have about ten trucks in the shop getting prepared for the pulling season.” Van specializes in engine building and fabrication, while Curt takes the roles of clutch builder, engine builder, design engineer and turbo specialist. “We get semi-truck parts and modify them to run in our pulling trucks,” Patty explained.

“We personally have two competition trucks,” Patty said. Van drives the black “Rock Hard Ram” in super stock, and Curt drives the orange and silver turbo diesel “Off Constantly” in pro stock.

Located in Fairmount, Indiana, about midway between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, they are well-positioned for the Cummins diesel truck pulling activities in several surrounding states. They started their business in 1985, concentrating on Chevy trucks. In 1994, they switched their specialty to Cummins diesels, and have had no regrets.