John_DayJohn Day, owner of Day-Tec Enterprises in Earlville, IA, is a customer who buys ZBAG products for manual transmissions and other drivetrain components. A drag racer since 1955, this summer he won the Quick 16 at the Tri-City Raceway in Earlville. His 22-foot dragster won with an elapsed time in the quarter mile of seven and a half seconds, the equivalent of zero to 175 mph in that amount of time.

A drag racer since 1955, John started out with door cars, a ’55 Chevy and a ’57 Corvette. He’s been racing his 22-foot dragster since 1990. He always builds the entire drivetrain from engine to manual transmission to rear axle. “I modify everything,” John says. “I can’t leave anything alone. I have to re-engineer it.” His car has a small block Chevy engine. He notes that everyone else runs a big block, and they tell him he should, too, but he keeps winning with his 421, so he sees no need to change.

After retiring from a Chevy dealership 23 years ago, John continued his automotive activities at Day-Tec. “In the shop I have 15 or 16 of the cars I race against,” he explains. He builds street rod engines and circle track engines as well as manual transmissions and other components for his customers.

John checks his own dragster over regularly, engine, manual transmission, axle, and especially the tubular metal chassis. “I use the best parts, so I don’t have a lot of failures,” he says.

John’s racing partner is his wife, Bev. “At the track, everybody knows Bev, and Bev knows everything about the cars. We’re a team.”

John remains loyal the Chevy brand. “I’ve had Fords,” he admits, “but I put Chevy engines in them.