s-TAYLORMeet Taylor Marsh, who has mastered an amazing range of technical skills in the three years he’s been an employee here at ZBAG.

“I was originally hired as a tear-down guy,” he said. He came to ZBAG equipped with mechanical knowledge he’d picked up working on his own vehicles. “I always liked to tear stuff apart,” he recalled.

While Taylor started out dismantling units, he also learned to clean them, and then spent time running the wash bay. Taylor remembers that six months to a year later, Loren, the shop foreman, trained him to build transfer cases. Since then, his job description has continued to expand.

Taylor doesn’t run the wash bay any more. He functions as Loren’s transfer case quality controller, and a primary duty is to inspect all the transfer cases completed each day. “I test them and check for cracks,” he explained. He makes sure each rebuilt transfer case is ready to be shipped or warehoused. He has also has become the primary trainer for new hires learning to rebuild transfer cases. In addition to these activities, he recently began to rebuild manual transmissions for smaller trucks such as the Ranger.

As far as free time is concerned, Taylor spends most of his doing home maintenance. “I’m kind of a mellow guy,” he noted. When he has time, he enjoys spending it working on the ’71 Chevy pickup he is restoring. “It’s a basket case,” he said, “it’s pretty rusty and needs major work.” The C10 has a 350 engine and an automatic transmission that needs rebuilding, but Taylor won’t rebuild it. He’ll send it to an automatic transmission specialist.

While on duty at ZBAG, Taylor continues to make sure each transfer case produced is a high quality unit that will serve the customer well.