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Employee Spotlight: Aaron Copley Employee Spotlight: Aaron Copley
                Aaron Copley made a significant career change when he recently joined the shipping and receiving department here at ZBAG. As he transitions from the food industry to the automotive industry, he’s getting acquainted ...
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Employee Spotlight: Mark Brock Employee Spotlight: Mark Brock
        Mark Brock recently joined the team at ZBAG’s shop to build manual transmissions, and he brings many years of experience with him to the job.  “I’ve worked on all types of manual transmissions,” he said, “but have not done d...
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Employee Spotlight: Tom Markson Employee Spotlight: Tom Markson
            Meet Tom Markson, who joined ZBAG’s team of builders in April. Tom specializes in building rear differentials.             Tom recalled the events that brought him to ZBAG. “I was looking for a career change,” ...
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Employee Spotlight: Dalton Ludington Employee Spotlight: Dalton Ludington
            Dalton Ludington is a high school student who is a valued member of ZBAG’s team of builders during the summer. “Currently, I’m building IFS front differentials, he said. He has worked on shift pods-which are front differe...
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ZBAG kayaking trips ZBAG kayaking trips
                Among ZBAG employee perks is the opportunity to go on local kayak trips with co-workers. On a sunny summer day, it feels good to leave the manual transmissions behind and head out for an afternoon of paddling down the Z...
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Employee Spotlight: Blake Jacobson Employee Spotlight: Blake Jacobson
               Blake Jacobson took the position of dismantler in ZBAG’s shop in February. He originally trained to tear down transfer cases and clean them up, and recently became a trainer for newly hired dismantlers. Before joining ...
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Employee Spotlight: Kenny Jacobson Employee Spotlight: Kenny Jacobson
            Meet Kenny Jacobson, an integral part of the team in ZBAG’s shop who specializes in dismantling transfer cases, although Kenny does take apart other drivetrain component as needed. Kenny comes from a background that includes ...
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Employee Spotlight: Chris Engel Employee Spotlight: Chris Engel
                Chris Engel is a manual transmission builder in the shop here at ZBAG who brings a solid background of mechanical experience with him to the job. Along with his automotive expertise, his past includes some hunting exper...
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Employee Spotlight: Derek Olson Employee Spotlight: Derek Olson
        Meet Derek Olson, a builder in the shop here at ZBAG for over a year. “My brother works at ZBAG, and he told me what a great place it is,” Derek recalled. He’d been working construction jobs, beginning with eight or nine years of...
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Employee Spotlight: Damien Selvy Employee Spotlight: Damien Selvy
                Damian Selvy has been a member of ZBAG’s technical team for a year. He trained with Taylor to build transfer cases, starting with the GM 246, then 263’s and 261’s, which are also GM transfer cases. Damien enjoys h...
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