Meet Tom Markson, who joined ZBAG’s team of builders in April. Tom specializes in building rear differentials.

            Tom recalled the events that brought him to ZBAG. “I was looking for a career change,” he said. “I was driving truck, and then was a mechanic for the trucking company I had worked for.” He had gotten mechanical training at a vo-tech 20 years previously. At the point when he was searching for something different, another builder told him about an opening at ZBAG, and he found a new position. “I do all the rear differentials,” he noted.

            Tom’s mechanical training and experience started long before he enrolled in the vo-tech. He has spent time tinkering on equipment since he was young. “When I was a kid, we had a small farm, and I worked on things there,” he said.

            His parents still have the farm, and in his time away from work, Tom likes to spend time out there. “It’s a hundred acres,” he said. “We don’t do much farming out there any more, just cash crop and the cattle. The cattle are self-sufficient. We go out there as a family and I check the cattle and crops. We go four-wheeling and ride around the property.”

            In the past, Tom was a snowmobiler. “I used to ride snowmobile back when we got snow in the winter,” he commented. Winters are just not what they used to be here in Minnesota. “I still have an Arctic Cat,” he said. “I pull the kids around on it.”

            In the shop here at ZBAG, Tom concentrates on building each rear differential to the highest quality industry standards that our many customers have come to expect.