If you’ve called ZBAG looking for a transmission or transfer case, you’ve probably talked to Renee Allen.

Renee AllenRenee has worked at ZBAG for 23 years. She was hired back in 1991 to make deliveries on Fridays. Then the other company she worked for closed its doors, and Renee went full-time at ZBAG, which was just getting established and was very small at the time. Renee delivered transmissions and transfer cases for about eight months until she expanded to answering phones, phone sales, and shipping.

“I’m one of those people who will do whatever I’m asked,” she explained. She remembers creating shipping containers from apple and orange boxes that would fit around a particular transfer case or transmission so she could ship it out.

In 1992, Renee became a full-time salesperson, and over the years has held a variety of positions in the company.  Renee still has a base of customers who ask for her when they call, but in addition to sales, she currently does the receiving, which involves checking in all incoming purchases, from transfer cases to rings and pinions, and bearing kits. She also monitors ZBAG’s core system to make sure all cores are credited properly. ZBAG reuses cores from transmissions and other drive train parts in their remanufacturing processes.

“I was pretty mechanically inclined before I started working here,” she said. She used to do some of the work on her own car, such as oil changes and brake jobs, so she was comfortable with the mechanical aspects of her work at ZBAG.

“I love what I do,” Renee concludes. “I love my boss. I’m a worker. I can go home at the end of the day and say I love what I do. It’s been fun watching the changes to the company. I’m excited about the web site; I think it’s the direction to go.”