Mark Brock recently joined the team at ZBAG’s shop to build manual transmissions, and he brings many years of experience with him to the job.  “I’ve worked on all types of manual transmissions,” he said, “but have not done differentials, and only a few transfer cases.”

        Mark originally went to school for auto body repair, he explained. During his years of employment at area auto service centers, he learned to do front end alignments, and then branched out into rear alignments and suspension repair work. Eventually, Mark became a fleet mechanic at an area business and worked on their trucks, trailers and heating equipment. After that, he found employment at an area rebuilding company and worked there three years before coming to ZBAG.

        Going further back into his history, Mark recalled that before he became a mechanic, he worked in route sales for three different companies, a dairy, a bread company, and a frozen pizza manufacturer.

        Mark is a person who knows himself. “I need to be interested in what I’m doing,” he commented. One of his interests is in working on older manual transmissions, such as the four-speed Muncie's and Getrag's.

        Another interest is working on small motorcycles and golf carts “just for fun.” Mark is restoring two old motorcycles. One is a 1973 Indian motocross. The other one is a 1971 Suzuki Trail Hopper. “It’s a 50 c.c. for kids,” he said.

        These days, while on the job here at ZBAG, Mark continues the company’s tradition of high quality craftsmanship in every unit, whether a manual transmission, transfer case, or differential.