kevin larson zbagKevin Larson has been a rebuilder at ZBAG since 2007.  When it comes to the older manual transmissions and transfer cases, he is the go-to person.

“I’ve been working on cars pretty much all my life,” Kevin comments. He helped his dad run a repair shop in his hometown of Mazeppa. “We sold Chevys for years,” he recalls.

“I’ve been a GM man forever,” Kevin says.  “If we kids had brought home a different kind of car, Dad would have had our hide.” Kevin’s older sister married a diehard Ford guy, Kevin recalls. “And now he has all GM products… He might have been scared of Dad, too.”

Kevin’s not sure when he worked on his first manual transmission. “I learned mechanics from working with Dad," Kevin explains. “As a kid I helped out by stacking up oil containers and sweeping the floors.  I was probably around fifteen when I started changing oil and working on motors and manual transmissions,” Kevin says.

When he’s not doing something mechanical, Kevin enjoys gardening. “I’ve got a big garden,” he remarks. “We grow cucumbers, tomatoes, and some pumpkins for the grandkids, and we’ve got flower gardens around the house. Every year I say I’m not going to garden again, but we go to pick up a few flowers, and then we see some other plants we want.”

Kevin is also restoring  a ’66 Impala, and although the previous owner had the body completely off, it still needs a lot of work.

“Hopefully this winter” was Kevin’s response when asked when he will have time to finish it.

When a ZBAG customer needs to have a hard-to-find manual transmission rebuilt, Kevin is the person who can do it.