Gus Hegge joined the team here at ZBAG last October, and under the guidance of experienced builders Adian and Terry, has been training to build the high quality remanufactured front and rear differentials ZBAG is known for.

At the start of his career, Gus took a year of automotive training at an area vo-tech, and then worked at a Toyota dealership. “I think that’s better training than schooling,” he commented with a grin. Gus did service work such as oil changes, and helped other techs with bigger jobs in the shop. But Gus found he couldn’t move up at Toyota, and Adian told him about ZBAG. “I wanted to keep learning new stuff, so I applied here,” Gus said.

Gus has always done maintenance on his own vehicles. He currently owns a Mazda Miata that he enjoys driving. “It’s cheap on gas and it’s a fun little car,” he remarked. “It’s my first convertible, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.” The Miata is around 25 years old, and in his spare time, Gus is doing some restoration work on the interior, “making it a nice car to drive,” he explained.