Miata                Damian Selvy has been a member of ZBAG’s technical team for a year. He trained with Taylor to build transfer cases, starting with the GM 246, then 263’s and 261’s, which are also GM transfer cases. Damien enjoys his work here, although he came without much previous mechanical experience.

“I always liked wrenching with my dad as a kid,” he recalled. Although the family lived in town, Damien and his dad would work on tractors at his grandparents’ farm. Damien went to college for a year, and worked at various jobs before coming to ZBAG.

A few months ago, Damien achieved a longtime goal: he bought a Mazda Miata M edition.  “I’ve wanted one since I was fifteen,” he said. “The guys around here give me crap about it because it’s not big and American.” He grinned. “I know an incredible amount of Miata facts.”

For example, Damien explained, the reason the Miatas are such good sports cars is the way they’re balanced. Fifty percent of the weight is in front and fifty percent is in back, so they have very neutral handling. “That’s what makes it so good in the snow,” he said. “It has rear wheel drive, but I haven’t been stuck yet, because of the equal weight distribution.” His Miata M is a custom blue with a brown rag top and a special interior that features a Nardi shift knob and emergency brake handle, both made of wood.

Damien also spends time riding his motorcycle. It’s a crotch rocket, a Honda CBR600RR, and he likes to ride it on back roads. “It’s freeing,” he said. “It’s just you and yourself, which gives you time to think.”

In ZBAG’s shop Damien gets a lot of satisfaction building the high quality GM transfer cases that our customers have come to expect.