Dalton Ludington is a high school student who is a valued member of ZBAG’s team of builders during the summer. “Currently, I’m building IFS front differentials, he said. He has worked on shift pods-which are front differential axle disconnects, planetaries, input retainers, and viscous couplers.

            Dalton has extensive training here in ZBAG’s shop, and he’s following in the footsteps of his dad, Derek, who is also a ZBAG builder. “I’ve had lots of mechanical experience at home,” he commented. He invests many hours working on his race car, a Chateau pure stock. “I built the car and Dad pointed and grunted at what I was supposed to be doing,” Dalton grinned. “I built the motor with him watching over me.” His race season is going well this year, he said.

            When school is in session, Dalton will take a break from building front differentials and other drivetrain components, but he has a variety of activities to keep him occupied. He’s in choir, and last year participated in Minnesota All State Choir, which involved practice, performance and traveling. In addition to singing, Dalton has taken tai kwon do for nine years, and he’s a member of his high school trap shooting team. “High school trap is the fastest growing sport in the state,” he noted. “It’s also the safest high school sport, with zero injuries. There were 7000 shooters at the state meet.”

            For his summer job, though, Dalton stays busy, building the shift pods, viscous couplers, planetaries, front differentials and other drivetrain components that ZBAG supplies to their customers.