Blake Jacobson took the position of dismantler in ZBAG’s shop in February. He originally trained to tear down transfer cases and clean them up, and recently became a trainer for newly hired dismantlers.
Before joining the team here at ZBAG, Blake worked at Total Tire and Auto. He’s always liked to work with his hands, and as long as he can remember, he has liked to tinker and fix things.
“Whatever I break, I take it apart, get new parts for it, and TRY to fix it, anyway,” he said with a grin. As a kid, he enjoyed working on bikes.  “I would take the wheels off and change them around, or if the chain fell off, I’d try to put it back on,” he recalled.
Since then, his interest has shifted to things with motors. “I ride four-wheelers, he said. “My dad has a Polaris 500 Sportsman. I ride it around at my grandpa’s and my place.”

Blake likes to get outdoors for other reasons. “I hunt deer, raccoon, and coyotes.” He has an English red tick coon hound. “He’s not the smartest dog in the world. His name is Copper,” Blake commented. “He needs more training, but he doesn’t chase deer.”

Hunting coyotes is a family project, Blake explained.  “We call them with an electric caller we set out. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t. We usually do it in the winter. It’s easier to see them when there’s snow.”

When deer season is open, Blake likes to go hunting near his home.

While at work, Blake concentrates on tearing down and cleaning up the parts for the various transfer cases that are rebuilt for ZBAG’s customers, and now, in addition, he’s showing others how to disassemble transfer cases.