AlG                Al Greseth is an integral part of the shipping department here at ZBAG since 2013, but his real claim to fame is the fact that he is the owner of a floating picnic table. Al likes to spend time on his floating picnic table on the Zumbro River on warm summer days. One day as he and some friends were floating and paddling, they happened by a well-known regional band known as Lost Highway. Lost Highway happened to be making a music video. Al and company floated through it, and you can check out the video, called “Lost Highway Tubin,” on this link.

On weekdays, Al is one of the people who keep commerce moving along at ZBAG. Known for his friendly disposition, energy and efficiency, Al pulls and ships parts, from gasket kits to differentials, or whatever the customer orders.

Al enjoys doing a little bit of everything. “There’s a wide variety of merchandise, and a wide variety of customers,” he notes with a grin. Al also helps with palletizing and wrapping bigger units, such as transfer cases, manual transmissions and front and rear differentials. When asked how much he sends out, Al estimated that each day 70 orders go out on Speedee, about 30 on UPS and 15 or 20 on FedEx. In addition, several units a day go out on truck lines that are needed to transport the heavier pieces such as rear differentials and five- and six-speed transmissions.

While most of the ZBAG team members bring a strong mechanical background to their work, Al doesn’t consider himself particularly experienced in that area. “I have three-wheelers,” he says, “and I tinker with them.” He also keeps busy with home improvement projects on his rural property, and he dreams of doing some deer hunting.