Stick shift cars are slipping away from the United States auto industry, but some production remains. Since, we work with manual car parts at Zumbrota Bearing and Gear, we love to see new cars that offer a manual transmission option.  Here are some examples of new generation cars that offer manual transmissions in Zumbrota, MN.

  1. Buick Regal For the past 5 years, Buick has offered a six-speed gearbox for the GS and Turbo models of the Regal. Both models offer front-wheel drive, over-200-horse-power, and the vision of the American sedan with a manual transmission boasting 25/36 city/highway mpg.


  1. Hyundai Tucson GLS (2013 and earlier) It’s strange to see a manual SUV in this day and age, but it is even stranger to see a manual Hyundai “cute-ute” Tucson. The GLS comes with a six-speed gearbox and has a much lower price than its automatic brother. However, the manual models actually offer a worse mileage rate than the automatic


  1. Mazda5 (2014 and earlier) Though Mazda dropped manual Mazda5 production this year, models up to 2014 offer a five-speed transmission that knocks the price down almost $1,500. It may seem awkward to have a minivan-sized vehicle that isn’t a VW Type 2 with a stick shift, but the Mazda5 is cheaper and offers better mpg than the automatic model. Generations after 2010 offer a six-speed gearbox.


  1. Volkswagen Tiguan (2014 and earlier) Somehow, this year was the cutoff for most SUV manual production, and the VW Tiguan was no exception. However, Tiguan models prior to this year offer a six-speed gearbox almost identical to the GTI set up. The stick version of this compact crossover saves the buyer around $1,000 at entry price for the 2010 model and better overall mpg.


  1. Toyota Camry Finally, the 2015 Camry may offer all new styling, hybrid options, and elaborate features, but it also still provides the option of a six-speed paddle shifter manual transmission. The XSE 2015 base model comes in at around $27,000 with 25/35 mpg for city/highway driving. It also looks a lot flashier and less like the old Camry college-junk-trunks.


We hope more car models will offer a manual option in years to come, but for now we will work with what we have. Contact us at Zumbrota Bearing and Gear for more information on manual transmissions.