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2014-13 Ram 2500 Eventure System - Now Available for Preorder!

2014-13 Ram 2500 Eventure System - Now Available for Preorder!

The long-awaited 2014-18 Ram E-Venture is now available for Pre-Order! It took some time, but we were able to work with SDI to navigate the challenges. The 14-18 will use the same front and rear shock package as the '19+, but the electronics system will be different.


The secondary CAN Bus protocol on the '14-'18 requires a specifically designed Data Harness and ECU Flash; also required is a 14-18 specific A-Pillar Screen Mount. With these alterations, the installation process will be identical to the 19+ but there is more cost involved; thus the retail price will be higher for the 14-18 Electronics and, subsequently, all shock packages and systems in which it is utilized.




The Below Shock Package includes everything needed to upgrade a 14-18 Ram 2500 to the E-Venture from a 3.25” Commuter, Backcountry or Pintop:



Call Today to Pre-Order: 1-800-347-1188



CS-DEV25SPKG-14-D & CS-D3-EV25-14-D-R2




We should start seeing these electronics systems roll in within the next 4-6 weeks to pair with IN STOCK shocks for the 19+ (as again, they’ll be shared with the 14-18 platform).


Below are the Part Numbers we’ve added to the linked price sheet. See the “Master” tab for specifics:


Individual PN Added:






Existing PN, Description Changed:




Price Sheet 2/16/24


Call Today to Pre-Order: 1-800-347-1188