Front Differentials

The front differential segment of our industry is complex. We have spent the better part of 30 years developing a process for differentials that actually works. The result is Zumbrota Drivetrain offers the most reliable remanufactured front differentials in the industry. Try us you won’t be disappointed.

  • All tubes are inspected to ensure they are straightened to OEM specifications.
  • All housings are tested for surface wear and cracks.
  • 100% inspection of all internal parts, including Ring & Pinion’s, Internal Gears, Clutch’s & Carrier’s
  • 100% replacement of bearings, seals, crush sleeves, pinion nuts and shims.
  • All housings are cleaned utilizing our state of the art hydro blasting and rinsing process. This process is what brings all cases back to the OEM finish. Once you've seen it, you'll understand what we mean.
  • Gear patterns checked during reman process to ensure optimum tooth contact for increased life of gear set.
  • Correct rolling torque established using inch pound measurement’s for precision setup and longevity.
  • Correct backlash clearance is set to assure proper gear lubrication and noise reduction.