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Seal, 1.813" ID, 2.781" OD, 0.608" Width, Replaces: 3604, 2L1Z3N134AA, C7AW-4676A, C7AW-4676C, C7AZ-4676A, D6AW-4676B, D6AW-4676E, D8BZ-4676A, D9AW-4676AA, D9AZ-4676A, E27W-4676A2A, E3TW-46763, E3TW-4676A, E3TW-4676AA, E3TZ-4676A, E5DW-4676AA, E5DZ-4676A, E87W-4676BA, F65Z-3N134AA, ZZL027018, ZZR027018
Fits Models
2001 Ford Escape FETC
2002 Ford Escape FETC
2003 Ford Escape FETC
2004 Ford Escape FETC
2005 Ford Escape FETC
2006 Ford Escape FETC
2007 Ford Escape FETC
2008 Ford Escape FETC
2009 Ford Escape FETC
2010 Ford Escape FETC
2011 Ford Escape FETC
2012 Ford Escape FETC
2001 Mazda Tribute FETC
2002 Mazda Tribute FETC
2003 Mazda Tribute FETC
2004 Mazda Tribute FETC
2005 Mazda Tribute FETC
2006 Mazda Tribute FETC
2007 Mazda Tribute FETC
2008 Mazda Tribute FETC
2009 Mazda Tribute FETC
2005 Mercury Mariner FETC
2006 Mercury Mariner FETC
2007 Mercury Mariner FETC
2008 Mercury Mariner FETC
2009 Mercury Mariner FETC
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